Interbike 2014: Orbea Rallon Bike Review (160mm rear travel)

In many ways, this is a different bike than the other bikes I've tested today.  The Rallon is clearly oriented toward downhills and it shows

Climbing - 2 stars

Even at 5 pounds heavier than many of the other bikes I rode today, the Rallon was not a bad climber.  The Rallon was a better climber than the Stumperjumper Evo 27.5 which I had maligned in an earlier review.

Descending - 5+ stars

I give the Rallon 5+ stars because it really is in a totally different league for descending than the other bikes I tested.  When the trail turns downhill, the Ralllon comes alive and feels super confident in a way that none of the other bikes I rode today could match.

Cornering - 4 stars

Cornering on the Rallon could not be described as nimble, but it was super solid in feel.

Summary:  The Rallon is a great bike for those willing to compromise climbing performance for a rock-solid descending feel.

Rating Guide

5 stars - Absolutely outstanding

4 stars

3 stars - Solid performance, meets expectations

2 stars

1 star - Misses expectations by a wide margin