Interbike 2014: Devinci Troy Carbon Bike Review (140mm rear travel)

Wow, I love this bike.  It climbs well and feels both nimble and stable at the same time going downhill.  It rides like a BMX bike with 140mm of travel.  The Troy uses a Dave Weagle designed Split Pivot rear suspension design to minimize suspension feedback affecting pedaling and braking.

Climbing - 5 stars

The Troy feels super responsive to power input when climbing. (The alloy edition did feel less snappy perhaps due to a higher bike weight)

Descending - 5 stars

The Troy was able to feel both responsive and planted when descending.  The feeling of the Troy was really confidence-building while remaining fun to ride.

Cornering - 5 stars

The Troy had a lively, responsive feel that was super fun to ride in corners.

Summary:  Being lively and predictable is not mutually exclusive.


Rating Guide

5 stars - Absolutely outstanding

4 stars

3 stars - Solid performance, meets expectations

2 stars

1 star - Misses expectations by a wide margin