INTERBIKE 2016: 2.6 Trail Tires from Maxxis, Schwalbe

Both Maxxis and Schwalbe introduced new 2.6 tires in reasonably light weights for those of you that want wider tire widths without going all the way up to Plus-sized tires. I'm sure there are others, but these tires were the only 2.6 tires that I saw of a reasonable, non-DH weight suitable for trail riding.

March 9, 2017 Update:  Maxxis will also be introducing 2.6" versions of their Minion DHF and DHR II

These will be available initially only in the 27.5" size, but 29" versions may be coming in the future. According to Maxxis, going from the 2.5” to the 2.6” version will add about a 7% increase in volume. 

Here are specs for the Schwalbe Nobby Nic lineup with the new 2.6 size.

Also new from Schwalbe is their new Apex casing with a inner foam layer to increase sidewall stiffness for 2.6 & Plus-sized tires in order to reduce the likelihood for burping along with increased cut resistance from bottoming the tire on the rim.

Maxxis introduced 2.6 versions of both their Forekaster and Rekon tire. Here are pictures & specs for both: