How is the Maxxis DH-F 2.5 Wide Trail tire tread pattern different than the 2.3 version?

The new Maxxis Wide Trail tires are, of course, wider than their regular sized siblings, but how does the tread pattern differ? I have both the DH-F 2.3 and 2.5 in stock so I decided to take some pictures and measurements.

Overall, the side knobs on the Wide Trail version are closer to the center knobs, but the overall width of the knobs is 5mm wider.

2.3 (left) and 2.5 (right) side-by-side:


2.3: Center to Side Lug Spacing is 5.5 to 6mm


2.5: Center & Side Lug Spacing is 4.5 mm


2.3: Knob width is 55mm


2.5: Knob width is 60mm