INTERBIKE 2016 Video: RockyMounts SplitRail Hitch Mount Rack (a legitimate T2 Pro competitor)

This is a video of Bobby from RockyMounts talking about the features of their new SplitRail hitch mount rack.

I had seen the Thule T2 Pro last year and had thought that Thule had locked up the premium end of the hitch mount rack market with a tilt release control level mounted at end of the support arm. I visited the RockyMounts booth at Interbike 2016 and am excited to report that their new SplitRail hitch mount matches this Thule feature and many other features of the T2 Pro rack as well as offering some unique features of its own.

The following is a comparison of key new features of the T2 Pro and the SplitRail racks. In particular, I note that the SplitRail rack is about 15 pounds lighter than the T2 Pro for those of you that remove and reinstall your hitch rack frequently. Also, I like the SplitRail's ability to add a single additional bike mount to allow either a 3-bike or 4-bike configuration. Before seeing the new RockyMounts rack, I would have said that a T2 Pro would be the way to go for a premium hitch rack, but it's great to see the RockyMounts SplitRail as a highly competitive product coming out from a small US company based in Colorado!

RockyMounts SplitRail Hitch Rack

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