2015 Tire Preferences & Riding Habits Survey Results

Dirt Merchant Bikes conducted a study in February 2015 to understand tire preferences.  As part of that study, we also collected a lot of information on riding habits.  The charts below summarize overall findings on riding habits, tire preferences as well as selected insights by sub-groupings of mountain bikers:

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To start off, the survey results were tested for statistical significance.  Statistically significance indicates that a gap between two data points is likely to reflect that a real difference exist in feedback between two different subgroups of study participants rather than that difference having occurred by chance.  Increasing the sample sizes of participants reduces the amount of variability in survey data and can thus show statistically significantly differences with smaller  gaps between two data points.  The chart shows how to read the results of significance testing as shown in the following charts. 

Riders in WA may be using smaller wheels due to the rough and tight singletrack trails prevalent in Western WA, as compared to the long fireroad climbs more typical in other parts of the country such as in California and Colorado.

Among tire brands outside WA, Specialized and WTB are maintaining share while Schwalbe, Maxxis and Continental  are increasing their share of the market.  Kenda and Panaracer are former market leaders but currently have weaker market share compared to competitors.

In Washington state, Maxxis has been a market leader and continues to hold a strong share of the market.  Part of this is likely due to Maxxis' reputation for making good downhill tires and the propensity of riders in Washington to choose more aggressive tires.  Schwalbe has also made strong gains among riders in Washington.  Kenda, WTB were former market leaders but have since lost ground.