2016 SR Suntour XCR Air Suspension Fork (for 24" wheels)

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2016 SR Suntour XCR Air Suspension Fork (for 24" wheels)


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This is the new 2016 version, which has been much improved in function over the 2015 version and allows proper air pressures (~30-45 psi) for kids between 50-80 lbs.

This is a great upgrade to the coil or rubber bumper forks that come on most kids' bikes retailing for under $500.  Typical low-end forks on kids' bikes are too stiff to work properly for lighter weight riders.  The XCR Air fork uses an adjustable low pressure air spring so a kid can use all of the available 80mm of travel. We stock the version preset to 80mm of travel, but travel is adjustable with a spacer between 63mm and 80mm. For more details, check out our review at: SR Suntour XCR Air 24 Review


Model Year: 2016

Travel: 63mm, 80mm

Left Side: Air spring / Coil with Preload adjuster

Stanchion tube: 28 mm / STKM

Lower: Magnesium

Brake: Postmount 160mm Disc only (No v-brake mounts)

Steerer tube:  1.1/8", STKM

Weight: 1832g

Axle: 9mm Quick Release

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